Chlamydia Symptoms in Women – Every Detail You Need To Know

There are many Chlamydia Symptoms in Women. As we all know, chlamydia is considered as one of the most common STD (sexually transmitted diseases) in the world. In the United States in America, chlamydia is even considered to be the kind of STD that can happen to almost everyone.

Even though the STD is not considered severe and curable, it is still bothering. This STD is a kind of infection and it is easily spread. Because of its easiness to spread and its less-obvious symptoms, this STD is experienced by many people and most of them do not even know that they have the STD.

This STD is famous to be “unknowingly passed” from someone to his or her sexual partners. In women, the symptoms of chlamydia is not clear. In fact, about 75% of infections in women happen without symptoms. Below, you will see several chlamydia symptoms in women even though the symptoms are not always apparent and people need to know how to test the symptoms.

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Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

“Normal” vaginal discharge that happens when you are about to get your period or during your fertile days usually clear and does not have strong odor. However, if you experience to have “abnormal” vaginal discharge, in this case the vaginal discharge is cloudy in color and may have a strong odor, you need to check up to the doctor as soon as possible because this can be a symptom of having chlamydia.

Bleeding Between Periods

Bleeding during period is absolutely normal. However, if you are bleeding during period, you need to make sure that you go to your doctor to check your condition. Hopefully, it is just your regular period coming too soon.

Unfortunately, it can also be a bleeding caused by the infection in your body, particularly in the reproductive area, The infection can lead to chlamydia and thus you need to find out as soon as possible. 

Painful Periods

Period is obviously painful. However, the pain is not severe. It is just like cramp, the menstrual cramp. Usually you can handle this and it does not so bad. However, if you have chlamydia, the pain during periods can be really severe. It is almost as bad as the contractions during labor. Most women find the pain unbearable and they have to contact their doctors to get medical treatment.

Pain When Having Sex

Because of the infection inside the reproductive area, having sex can be really painful. There will be itching and burning around the vagina. Beside of that, during sex, there will be severe abdominal pain as well. That is why sex becomes unenjoyable and painful for both the woman and the man, if he has chlamydia as well.

Pain When Urinating

One of the most common symptoms of having chlamydia is the pain when urinating. Normal urinating is not painful at all. Unless something bad happen in the uterus and area around it, urinating should be painless. That is why when you feel pressure and pain during urination, you should go to your doctor because it can be chlamydia symptoms in women.

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