What Causes Weight Loss – Everything You Need To Know

What Causes Weight Loss, Unintentional weight loss is loss in your weight that you can’t explain or you didn’t plan for or haven’t worked for. Though you are looking slim, can wear your swim suit easily you may don’t even bother about it since you have lost your wait. But wait a minute; this unintentional weight loss could be some serious problem. Causes of weight loss can be symptoms for some diseases affecting some or particular part of body.

losing weight without trying, There are many causes of weight loss; weight loss due to some drugs can be one of those. rapid weight loss or sudden weight loss causes of weight loss can cause damage to various systems and should always be checked. The one of major causes of weight loss at sudden can be endocrine disorder. The functions of our body are regulated by endocrine.

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What Causes Weight Loss

At the time of disorder the body burns much fat than needed which causes weight loss. Heart lung and kidney disorders can also be one of the causes of weight loss. This may lead to lack of energy source for body so as to function properly. And which in turn causes lean and thin body.

unexplained weight loss, Infections are those reasons of weight loss which cannot be realised easily nor seen. These infections exaggerate the immune system of body and causes lean body by burning more calories than usual. These infections may occur due to digestive disorders. Cancer can be the one of the reason of weight loss since the first symptom of cancer is loss of weight.

Causes of weight loss can be categorized in few groups:

Gastrointestinal reasons of weight loss, it consist of system disorders like cancers in tract of gastro intestine, chronic diarrhoea, infection, celiac diseases, peptic ulcer, mal-absorption syndrome etc.
Endocrinologic reasons of weight loss consist of hormonal disorders like diabetes, overactive thyroid, diseases caused by underactive adrenal glands.

The other reasons of weight loss consist of drug or alcohol abuse, certain medications, cancers, disorders of eating such as bulimia kidney disease, malnutrition etc.

why am i losing weight, Old age diseases can also be the reasons of weight loss like Alzheimer’s in which people forget to eat their meals. They often lose weight because of their slow metabolism and lost sensation of taste etc. Even mental illness can be added in list of reasons of weight loss like depression.

Different reasons of weight-loss can bring different kinds of diseases with them. weight loss cause, Failure to seek the treatments may cause serious problems and permanent damages. Once the cause is detected it is necessary to follow the treatment plan which your physical or healthcare specialist has designed for you. The other various diseases linked with weight loss are bone loss or weakening, organ failure, spreading of cancer, spreading infection, wasting syndrome, amenorrhea etc.

how much weight loss is concerning? In conclusion we can say if you are realizing sudden weight loss in your body, it can be one of the serious problems which may cause various complications and damage to the body. So diagnose the reasons or cause of weight loss and accordingly take measures before it’s too late to handle the cause.

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