Testing For STDs

Important Things You Need To Know Before Testing For STDs

If you are worrying about Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) that might infected you, it is better for you to follow a testing for STDs procedure. Testing for this kind of disease is very important because some STD have no symptoms.

If you start to feel:

  • Sores or bumps around your genital area
  • Burn feeling when you pee
  • Itchy, pain irritation or swelling in your genital area
  • Fever, swollen glands (flu-like symptoms)

Then you should check your health to a doctor. The result will reveal whether you are infected by one of the STDs or not. If you have infected by an STD, there is a tendency for you to infect by another STDs too. If you are not, then one step of preventing is always better than curing.

Do not be scared to have an STDs test

The idea of checking health regarding STD matter might be scary for some people. Some of them might do not want to know if in fact they are already infected or carrying the virus in their body. Throw away these kinds of idea because nothing will worse if you act quickly. It goes the same for STDs; most common STDs actually can be cured with medicine only. And if you ever heard about life-threatening STDs with no cure the growth of health technology still can help you. There are treatments for you to slow down the spreading STDs’ virus in your body and lower the chances for you to infect your partner. So having an STDs test actually is not for yourself only, but is also goes for your partner’s goodness.

Cost of STDs test

If you already interested to have an STDs test but hesitate because of the cost, do not let it stop you. The cost of STDs test might be different for every people. Consider the following points:

  • Where will you have your STDs test? It will be cheaper for sure, if you have it by Medicaid, government’s program or some clinics.
  • Check your local Planned Parenthood health center. Planned Parenthood can provide you with the services you need. You might also get free or low cost STD test based on your income.
  • Do you have a health insurance? If you did not have one, we suggest you to have it soon. Undoubtedly, it can lower your STD test cost.

Talk about it with your partner

For people who just entered a marriage life, having STD test is a must. It is not as if you do not trust your partner. Instead, it is for your goodness. Moreover, it is for the sake of for your baby in the future. As you can see there are some STDs infected by a pregnant woman to her baby. If your partner were the one for you, he or she would never refuse to have a healthy life with you. So do not be hesitant to start a conversation about it. Have a testing of STD for your better future life.

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