Sexual Health Test to Prevent STI

Sexual health check was the only way to ensure whether you having a sexual transmitted infection or STI. STI was the infection which spread through the sexual touching. This is including of having skin contact with the infected person (testicles, vagina or penis) or sex that related with oral sex or anal.

The Sexually Transmitted Infection or STI was very common. Anyone who gets access without any unprotected sex was able to get STI. This is no matter about lesbian, gay or transgender. If you have one or more sexual partners or you having the vaginal or anal sex.

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Although not all of STI’s were can be cured, they all can be manage and treated as well. If they had been not cure, it can cause serious health problems, including infection that can treat life and infertility.

So, you need to protect you self and getting Free Sexual Health Test that might provide by certain organization, health provider, sexual health clinic or other health service. The more you know about this, the more you can prevent the spread of STI as well.

When I should get sexual health test?

The worst part was not known. If you ever had sex without any protection, including oral sex, this is important to visit your doctor or go to the sexual health clinic to get the sexual health test to prevent STI.

After you know the result, you will get right treatment. This is because STI’s were not show any symptoms and let you think that you are totally fine. This is important to know and know that you cannot pass along the infection to anyone else or having the serious health problem of STI in the future.

No matter you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (LGBT), straight or just questioning, testing was so important for both men and women. You can get the quality health treatment that you need form the sexual health test to prevent STI in your state and confidentiality was assured for you.

Should I get check?

If you answer yes for any following question bellow, you might at risk of STI and you should consider to sexual health test to prevent STI. If you are not sure whether need to get check or not, you can consult with your doctor in sexual health clinic.

These are questions of sexual history:

  • Did you have new sexual partner?
  • your sexually active?
  • Did you have more than one of sexual partner?
  • Did you ever see any unusual symptom?
  • you get contact with same sex?
  • Did you or your partner ever have sex without protection/condoms?
  • Had you ever get STI?

When you give yes answer about those questions, this is essential to get sexual health check, even many health providers were give you with Free Sexual Health Test. This sexual check will help you to prevent or manage your STI when you at least got one of three types of STI.

STI test:

  • Getting visual exam and see the affected area.
  • Blood test
  • Swab test.
  • Urine test
  • Internal examination that available only for women

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