List of STDs You Should Know

Did you know that there are many List of STDs very important for you to know? As the growth of technology improved, the development in health affected too. As result of many researchers in health matter, nowadays, you can gain information to check whether you are the victim of certain disease or not.

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Here we will provide information about some Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and their symptoms.

List of STDs and Their Symptoms

  1. Chlamydia
    This disease is the most common STD found in the UK. Someone who suffers from this disease will have abnormal vaginal discharge and there is bleeding found in the vaginal area for women. While for men, they would have a pain feeling hen they are having sex or peeing. Ignoring these symptoms will be a bad idea because this disease will lead to infertility for both men and women. Besides, if you infected by this disease, there is a tendency for other STD to appeared.
  2. Genital Herpes
    If this virus develop in you body, you will feel a soreness or painful blisters around your genital area. However, the shocking part is that more than 80% of people did not know that they are having this virus. It is because people might only bring this virus on their body but the virus did not develop in them. It is better for you to have an antiviral treatment to prevent the development of this virus.
  3. Gonorrhea
    About 1 in 3 women infected with this disease also suffer from Chlamydia. The symptoms of this disease are quite the same as Chlamydia. If this disease keeps developing in women, it will lead to the damaged reproductive system. If this STD not treated soon, it will spread to the rest of the victim’s body and bring harm to muscle joints and skin.
  4. Syphilis
    This disease is one of the life-threatening STDs. When the bacteria get in through your body, it takes several months for you to feel the symptoms. Victims will experience this disease progress in three stages with the worse feeling at each stage. Some of the symptoms are contagious ulcers on the genital area, anus and mouth. Then it might spread to the eyes, ears and even the brain.
  5. Hepatitis B
    The danger of this disease is it attack the victims’ liver. The symptoms of this disease might be different for everyone, but for some people, they felt their liver hurt. It is because there is a severe dysfunction in the liver caused by the virus.
  6. HIV
    This virus attacked your immune system. So actually, people do not die from this disease but because of their immune system keep degrading, a light disease like fever might cause severe problem to HIV victims. The symptoms of this virus might start just the same as flu; with pain feeling in the muscle and sore throat. Some people also get diarrhea and vomiting as the virus start to spread. Victims also would have fever for 2 until 4 weeks after the virus enter their body. Until now there is no cure for this disease, but early treatment could slows down the spreading of this virus in the infected patients. This is the last List of STDs we consider you to know.

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