Free Sexual Health Test – Detailed Explanation

Not all hospital of health center may conduct the Free Sexual Health Test. Yes, since there are many things to be done as well as many tools and equipment to be used, it seems that such a test requires money.

However, there are actually some exceptions for this. Despite using the services and facilities from hospital and medical center, you can actually do the health test yourself.

This must be free and you don’t need to do so many efforts anyway. Of course, if you want to consult or check your sexual condition deeply, it is still much better to go to the professional one for the better result.

In other words, the simple tests that will be explained below are just the beginning. If you think that the result leads on the indicators of worse sexual condition, it is much better to have the deeper checkups.

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Checking Your Cervix Problems

Free Sexual Health Test, There are so many possibilities of worse diseases happened in your cervix and even uterus. Some troubles like cyst, myoma, or even cancer are really haunting the women nowadays. Those diseases are indeed quite difficult to be realized at the early stage. Sure, it is actually more recommended for the women to have a pap smear or Pap test even when your condition is healthy.

The earlier you find the disease source, the healing process can be much easier and faster. However, you can actually check yourself whether your cervix has a certain problem by noticing your vaginal fluid. You need to be more careful and aware if you find the discharge. Discharge is a common matter as long as it is clear, transparent, and less amount. Besides, it commonly comes out in a certain time like before and after your period date.

However, if the discharge comes out is thick, yellowish, with bad smell; it seems that something already happened inside your reproduction system. It can be an indicator if your body is not in a good condition. However, the worse thing is that it is an indicator for the diseases mentioned above.

Checking Your Breast

You must know that aside from the cervix cancer, breast cancer is the killer for many women and even men. It is due to the cell of gland is grown inside abnormally and formed problem like tumor and cancer. You can actually do the checkup yourself to know whether there is a problem or not inside your breasts. It is so easy anyway. After having shower, you can stand up in front of the mirror straightly to see your breasts directly.

You can start to massage it with your own hands. It depends on your wants whether you want to massage it one by one or the two of them at once. You may turn around your palms on the sides and all parts of your breast. Then, you press them smoothly. Those activities are done to check whether there is any lump inside or not. it is better to do the massage around a week before your period. The women’s hormone can just harden the breast during the period.

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