Celebrity Diet Secrets – inspiration to look like them

Celebrity Diet Secrets, Celebrities have to face the consequences of extreme diets, because they are in front of camera because of their personality, physique, talent. They have to look good anyhow in front of camera that is what they are paid for! Of course they also have to work hard like everyone else to maintain even they have more pressure to look good all times.

The celebrities start the diet several weeks before they are going to be filmed. In such a short time period they have to transpose themselves according to the role, so there is no time for any conventional planning on meals and weight loss methods. Very effective and fast resulting methods are followed by them to be in shape. If the calorie intake of one’s diet is controlled to a specific point then the body begins to drop weight quickly because body doesn’t have enough resources to add on weight. The destruction of body muscle tissues is started to supplement the lack of calories. This stage is called “starvation mode”.

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Celebrity Diet Secrets

These were some of the celebrities’ weight loss secrets which are definitely effective on the body but these are only followed after the nutritionist prescription only. Such a hard work condition will never arise if we work out regularly and get a balanced calories diet.

If someone has a well managed body weight and figure people starts asking them what diet they take, what workout plan did they follow, how they manage such perfectly? Since celebrities are inspiration to common man’s lifestyle they like to follow their lifestyle and always desire to be like them.

Celebrity Diet Secrets, Some celebrities follow the master cleanse diet. Mixture of 2 tablespoon of organic lemon juice, 2 tablespoon of organic B-grade maple syrup, 1/10th teaspoon of ground cayenne pepper and 10 ounces of filtered water is prepared and taken regularly.

Baby food diet is also followed by many celebrities to lose weight. In this method of shedding weight small quantity and light food is eaten to regulate the digestive system. The baby food diet system is better than starvation because the food intake is zero in starvation method.

Eat like a bird fad is also in trend these days. Like birds don’t have weight issues they are always light and in shape and they can even fly. Here instead of loosing ones diet the workout is managed equally as the food intake.
Grape fruit oil diet is also followed by many celebrities. It is been said that it encourages the weight loss process. Grape fruit oil is being taken to enhance the liver functioning in the body because liver is responsible for the digestion of food.

Amazing but truth, some dieters also follow ice cube diet. It sounds funny but it is effective mechanically and biologically. Under this diet plan the frozen food items are taken. Frozen food needs more energy to be digested. Frozen food adds some efforts to burn out fat from body as it requires more and more energy to be digested. Frozen foods or the ice cubes takes more time to be burn out because of which there is no need to take food till that food is burnt.

Cabbage soup recipe is also proved to be effective one in fast weight loss for celebrities. Various nutritious vegetables are boiled with the cabbage to prepare a soup and served in place of food. The cabbage soup appetite helps in shedding weight fast and effectively.

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