Can You Do Yoga Twice A Day? – Explanation Guide

Can You Do Yoga Twice A Day, Yoga has numerous health benefits – from experiencing a sense of openness in your body to sleeping better and noticing a glow on your skin. It can be tempting to do it twice or more in a day to try to benefit from it as much as possible. But is this advisable?

Can you do yoga twice a day? It’s not advisable. Just like with any other type of exercise, you need to give your body adequate time to rest and recover. If you’re not careful, you can deplete your body and mind of energy. The recommended healthy practice for yoga is 3 to 5 days a week – once each day.

When it comes to yoga, you must strike a balance. You need to have a routine that allows you to achieve your goals without overdoing it or doing too little. In this article, you’ll learn crucial lessons about yoga that will give you a deeper understanding of the exercise. You’ll also be introduced to some tips on how to get better at yoga that will come in handy for beginners.

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You’ve finally mastered the headstand or another excellent yoga pose you’ve been working tirelessly to ace, and now you’re addicted to doing yoga and feel the need to keep practicing every chance you get.  After all, more exercise will only lead to more benefits, right?

Wrong! Most people don’t see yoga as a form of exercise. And that’s where they are mistaken. If you see it as a combination of poses and nothing more, you’ll be inclined to believe there’s no harm in overdoing it.

That’s where you’d be wrong. Yoga is just like any other exercise. It engages most muscles of your body, uses up body energy, and can cause injury if overdone. Therefore, you should not do yoga twice a day.

The recommended healthy practice is 3 to 5 days a week with rest in between. This allows your body to restore depleted glycogen reserves and energy, thus enabling you to handle the requirements of your next workout.

It’s also important to pay attention to your body when you’re practicing yoga to determine when you’ve done too much. If you’re feeling an abnormal pain or struggling to keep a pose you’ve mastered, chances are you’ve been doing it for too long.

It also helps to have a routine. For instance, you can commit to doing yoga for an hour every 3 to 5 days of the week. With this approach, you’re more likely to stick to it compared to going with the flow.

Make Yoga Work for You

Yoga is more than just hitting your mat a few times a week and holding every pose correctly. To get the most out of this practice, there are several things you need to know.

1.      You Don’t Have to ‘Go Hard’ Every Time.

We live in a “give it your all or nothing” society. You go to work and excel at your projects so that you can be noticed for that upcoming promotion. At the gym, you do all your reps and lift like your life depends on it to get the coveted ripped body.

It only makes sense that you will take this same determination to your yoga class. It’s not bad. However, you need to know that calm, restorative yoga is also useful for you. According to Women’s Health Magazine, it’s essential to take time to stretch, meditate, relax, and breathe – this practice gives you the energy you need to function at a high pace.

And guess what? You can still practice yoga for a short time and reap the benefits. Therefore, if all you can spare is 20 minutes a day, that will work, too!

2.     Leave Your Expectations at the Door.

If you’re starting yoga, it’s easy to assume that after a few classes, you’ll be doing some of the most complicated poses you see your yoga gurus doing. That will probably not happen. It takes practice, consistency, and patience to see visible results.

Sometimes, you may find that you’ve been practicing yoga for a while, but some days are harder than others. One day you can do a perfect headstand, and the next you’re struggling to get your feet up.

Don’t expect anything going into a class. Your body is continually evolving, and everything from your mental state to your last workout can affect your performance.

3.     Your Only Competition Is You.

If you’re taking a yoga class, you may fall into the trap of comparing yourself with your fellow yogis. When you do, you’ll probably notice someone more flexible than you, someone who’s leaner, and others who seem to master the moves faster than you.

GAIAM’s article “12 Tips for a Better Yoga Practice” recommends having all your focus on your mat and maintaining a positive attitude throughout your workout. And don’t forget to pat yourself on the back when you make progress – you are your only competition. Get your yoga mat today

4.    Focus on How You Feel, Not How You Look.

Most people get into yoga for the wrong reasons. Some want to be able to do the striking yoga poses to make an impression for Instagram, and others want to seem cool in their yoga pants and matching sports bras.

These are the wrong reasons to practice yoga. You need to do it to improve your mood, blood flow, flexibility, and many other health factors.

5.     Yoga Is Not Just for the Flexible.

Many people believe that yoga is reserved for flexible individuals. And it’s not hard to understand why. A quick Google image search of yoga will bring up numerous photos of people doing mind-blowing poses. And all the yogis tend to have the same body type – they’re lean, slender, and very flexible.

When you see this, you can get intimidated and psych yourself out. Don’t stress about your flexibility too much. Most of the people who do the crazy, gravity-defying poses probably didn’t start as flexible. You do yoga to become flexible; you don’t have to be flexible to do it.

6.    Choose a Class That Works for You.

The best thing about yoga is that there’s a variety of kinds to choose from. From vinyasa to hatha to yin yoga, the choices are endless. However, it can be quite challenging to choose one, especially if you’ve never practiced yoga before. Not to mention, classes vary depending on the studio and teacher. Nonetheless, you need to find what works for you to benefit from it.

Try calling local studios to find out what they recommend for beginners. In most cases, classes that involve foundational poses are perfect for newbies. It may also help to try out different types of yoga for a while until you find the one that appeals to you the most.

Roll Out Your Mat

Is it advisable to do yoga twice a day? No. Overdoing yoga can easily cause injury or deplete your mind and body energy, thereby making it impossible for you to practice at your best in your next session.

Make a schedule and aim to do yoga 3 to 5 days a week. It may also help to join a class so that you can stick to a routine. This approach will also boost your confidence because you’ll know whether or not you’re doing the right thi

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