Abs Diet Review – Everything You Need To Know

Abs Diet Review, If you are a male looking for a lean, well-built and healthy body; or if you are a female looking for perfectly toned body and flat belly, then you need not look any further. Abs Diet is here to help you out. According to a WHO report, an overweight person is susceptible to cardiovascular diseases (mainly heart diseases and stroke), diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders (mainly osteoporosis) and certain cancers.

So, Abs Diet will not only help you to look good but also give you a healthy and long life.

Abs Diet is a scientifically proven regime where a nutritionally balanced diet, with high intake of proteins and a well regulated exercise schedule help in burning the body fat and building muscles. You must have come across some people marketing Abs Diet as “turn fat to muscles!” What they actually mean is that,

a is high exercise regime helps you burn fats,
• a highly nutritious food intake keeps you healthy and active and doesn’t let the body go in starvation mode and
• a high protein intake helps in building the muscle fibers.

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Abs Diet Review

Abs Diet includes a balanced and wholesome list of foods which provide healthy nutrition to the body, reduces the amount of calorie intake as they already have a certain degree of calorie control and builds up muscles in the body.

These are recommended by most dieticians and nutritionists. It aims at a high protein, moderate fat and moderate or low carbohydrate diet. The diet mainly recommends:

Fresh, unprocessed produce
Quality proteins
Fiber, dietary fats, nuts and seeds
Discouragement of artificial Trans fats, hydrogenated oils and fats, sugars.

It is a list of 12 power packed foods which comprises of all food groups such as vitamins, mineral, fiber and proteins. These foods are known as ‘super foods.’ The word Abs power diet is actually an acronym for 12 super foods:

A: Almonds and other nuts
B: Beans and other pulses
S: Spinach and other green, leafy vegetables
D: Dairy (skimmed, fat free, low fat)
I: Instant hot oat cereal
E: Eggs
T: Turkey
P: Peanut butter
O: Olive oil
W: Wholegrain breads and cereals
E: Extra protein powder (whey)
R: Raspberries and other berries

The exercise regimen plays a very significant role in Abs Diet as the exercises are a natural means of promoting muscle growth and enhancement of strength. The light cardio aspect of the exercise helps in burning the fat.

The Abs Diet is not just a diet plan but a healthy eating habit, which can be followed for a lifetime. This diet plan is prepared with a scientific approach which is sensible, realistic and easy to be followed.

The controlled calorie intake, healthy and sumptuous intake of nutritious foods, a protein rich diet, strength enhancing and muscle building exercises are all aimed at providing not only a well- toned and shapely body, but also health and radiance. Abs Diet does come across as a nutritionally sound diet approved by dieticians and one that can produce realistic and healthy results.

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